Lead generation is important, so when starting a new business one of the first things you need is a website to act as an online shopfront for your brand.

This can be quite daunting, and many businesses turn to a web-designer to ensure their new site looks professional. The cost of this can vary from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds.

However, spending more is not always a great use of financial resources in the early stages of your business.


Having an elaborate, expensive website with all the whistles and bells can be a complete waste of important start-up capital if no one sees it.

The existence of the website alone, doesn’t guarantee that people will visit, turn into qualified leads and subsequently a sale.

Imagine a woman purchasing a diamond necklace and then leaving it in the box and never wearing it. That is what is happening when your expensive website has no traffic.

If however, you are a well-established brand with recognisable logos and a steady customer base then spending a lot of money on a website is worth it, as it will undoubtably help with lead generation.

But if you are starting out, it is important to build up brand awareness and therefore attract traffic to your website before investing a lot of money.

So how do you attract traffic to your website?

Marketing Plan

When starting your business from scratch, you need a marketing plan, no matter how vague, in order to attract ideal clients to your website and spread awareness of your brand and business.

Rather than spending thousands of pounds on a website in the early stages, it is perhaps more beneficial to spend that on outsourcing your marketing or for paid ad campaigns.

There are many ways of increasing traffic to your website, and it will depend on your business and your skills as to which ones work for you.

If you have social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) you essentially have the ability to advertise your company for free and guide people to your website through targeted posts. Writing engaging posts will raise your profile and will eventually lead to sales.

Paid advertising is another means of getting visitors to your site and making sales – so it is useful to have a marketing budget so you know how much you can spend on advertising and what your expected ROI will be.

A carefully designed marketing plan with expected outcomes will help to keep you and your business focused on increasing traffic to your website and improving lead generation. It’s also a better use of early start-up capital!

So once the traffic has increased what happens next?

Everyone is Welcome

Every visitor to your website is a potential sale and therefore it is important to ensure your website is welcoming, answers their questions and addresses their pain points.

The last thing you want is for thousands of visitors to your website and yet no sales actually emerge from them.

This is where MELU Managed Live Chat can help.

Once you have a good volume of visitors to your site, Melu live chat operators will engage with them, ensuring your visitors know there is someone on hand to answer any questions.

This is proven to convert more visitors into leads than leaving them to their own devices.

Then once you have a steady stream of repeat visitors, leads and sales, it’s time to investigate getting a bespoke website made. Lead generation will become easier when you have the right mix of traffic and quality website design!

If you would like to find out more about turning website visitors into qualified leads, chat to us now via the chat box to the right or drop us an email.