Few things in life are as definitive as the law. Yes, it’s open to interpretation occasionally, but on the whole, it’s largely conclusive in its results. While that’s often an advantage with regards to clarity of outcome, it undoubtedly makes it tough on solicitors to consider themselves “creative” or “innovative” in their approach.

But is it even necessary to be considered creative or innovative for a law practice?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. It’s actually far more important to an industry without the creative flexibility of product enjoyed by other sectors. If you can’t differentiate on your end product or outcome (in other words, the law) then customers will look towards other factors behind their decision as to which practice to use.

Gone are the days when a website was your main differentiation and stamp of quality over and above your competitors, so where to look?

Well, the greatest business innovations tend to be those that provide convenient solutions to prevalent problems in a commercially viable way.

Think of a well-known problem that your potential clients have always had?

How about them being understandably intimidated by the complexities of the law & legal issues?

Then think about solving that problem in a manner that serves to highlight your firm as innovative, creative and customer focused, all the while turning far more of your website visitors into paying customers.

Thankfully this is entirely possible through the incorporation of a Managed Live Chat service.

Imagine your previously intimidated customer(s) visiting your website & instead of leaving after a quick glance, are greeted with a “can I help?”. Then imagine your firm would be one of only 10% of any company in any industry currently using Live Chat?

You’d now have a website that not only shows off all of your firm’s information, but also builds your customer base, gathers vital data, solves your potential customer’s initial enquiries and puts you several steps ahead of your competition.

All of this without you having to lift a finger. Melu’s Managed Live Chat service uses our own specially trained operators who become familiar with your firm’s frequently asked questions and company aims, leaving you to concentrate on the things you do best.

The days of solicitors lacking the opportunity to use innovation and creativity as a competitive advantage are over. The days of having your website work so much harder for you are here, with Melu Managed Live Chat.