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Giving your customers a way to speak to real people through website chat is a game-changer, but managing it in-house is hard.

More and more businesses are seeing the value of live chat on their websites. As phone fear grows and more of your prospects take to the keyboard to ask their questions, having someone there to answer them is becoming increasingly crucial.

But getting your skilled staff to pick up the baton and spend their time tapping away? That's just a waste of money and resource.

Our team of real people are known for connecting with your prospects and customers and providing that value without you having to think about it. Watch the video to find out what Philip, Andy and Mark think.


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"What's absolutely clear to us is it's going to be part of our ongoing sales and marketing strategy for years to come, because it works incredibly well."

Gary Whittle, Commercial Director at Meachers Global Logistics

  • Highly trained operators
  • Powerful chat software
  • Lead generation
  • Increased brand profile
  • Think of Melu as your online receptionist, delivered by real people via managed live chat

    Our professionally trained Live Chat operators engage with your clients as if they were their own.

    During the on-boarding process we train our live chat operators to understand your business, brand and values, guaranteeing that they act as if they were members of your own staff.

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  • Easy to install, mobile-friendly managed live chat – delivered by real people

    Our managed live chat software has been created for ease of use by your website visitors, whether they're using a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

    Installation is simple - just two lines of code need to be added to your website, and we provide guides on how to do it. If you're still not sure, we'll do it for you, free of charge!

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  • Add extra people into your team at seriously low cost to turn more website visitors into customers

    Every visitor to your website could be a potential customer. Managed live chat makes sure that they have a way to get in contact with you that is simple and convenient.

    Visitors that engage with us via live chat are much more likely to convert into paying customers because they feel supported and connected to you via your website.

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  • Better customer engagement

    Having managed live chat on your website shows you care about your visitors.

    This keeps visitors coming back, which increases traffic, sales and loyalty.

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How does Melu work? Watch this short video!

Managed live chat from Melu is easy to set-up, free to try and cost-effective to run.

And there are strictly no chat-bots allowed.

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Melu works in any industry

Melu has clients across many industries, including law, accountancy, fashion, PR, hospitality, dentistry, property and education.

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"Melu is a game-changer for Accountants and Tax Advisors"

Mark Lee, founder of the Tax Advice Network and accountancy focused speaker, mentor, futurist and influencer, explains how Melu provided unexpected benefits to his business.

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